Fracking Pledge of Resistance – California

Posted: July 4, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Damien Luzzo sends this sample letter on a proposed pledge of resistance against fracking in California for you to copy and send to your friends after you take the pledge yourself.  Or, if you’re good with social media, respond via facebook and tweets.

Please note that the pledge is calling for direct action that does not necessarily (or will not always) involve civil disobedience or risking arrest.

Dear Friends,

For years, we’ve delivered our demands in every form of legal protest imaginable: we’ve rallied, we’ve marched; we’ve interrupted speeches; we’ve delivered hundreds of thousands of petitions; we’ve called, emailed, sent letters, and delivered public comments. Still, Governor Brown continues to stubbornly support the use of fracking, acidizing, and other extreme forms of oil and gas extraction in California.

Despite the mounting evidence against fracking, Governor Brown continues to ignore our demands. Enough is enough. The Governor has been ignoring the science, the evidence, and the people of California for far too long. It’s time to take this fight to the next level. Today, I am asking you to join me by taking the pledge to resist fracking in California.

The Pledge of Resistance is asking you to commit, if necessary, to join others throughout California, and engage in acts of nonviolent direct action in order to send a strong message to Governor Jerry Brown, demanding an end to fracking and other extreme forms of oil and gas extraction. If thousands of people stand up to demand an end to fracking and other forms of oil and gas extraction in California by committing to participate in nonviolent direct actions, we can provide the necessary pressure to finally force Governor Brown to issue an executive order to ban these dangerous extraction methods.

The circumstances in California have become extraordinary, and the time for real action is now. Take the pledge:


P.S.  For more about Damien’s story, read his article in the Daily Kos:

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