Purpose: Our purpose is to bring together representatives of local groups and individuals working on mitigation of the climate crisis in order to amplify the effectiveness of all our advocacy efforts through improved communication, coordination, and support. Our goal is to make this site a go-to place for information about climate action activity in the region. By working together, we will to improve the effectiveness, communication, and coordination of all our members. We support each other’s work, help each other learn, and grow our total number of active community participants.

Our two main branches are (1) this web page with its activity calendar, library of current articles, and resources list, and (2) a list serve which sends much of the same material to subscribers as it arrives.

Membership:   CAC  will be open to existing climate advocacy groups and interested individuals in Davis and the surrounding area.

Meetings:  Meetings will be held as needed to meet the goals of the group.

Services:  Members will establish and maintain a web page which will serve as a single site for information about local and area activities and events related to climate change, including a calendar.  After the initial web page content is set up, group members and individuals may submit information to the site for publication.  Individuals seeking information can visit the website at any time.

In addition, members of advocacy groups and community individuals may subscribe to a list-serv to receive email notices of current announcements with posters, invitations, petitions, registration forms, flyers, requests for letters, brochures, or articles attached to spread the word about upcoming activities. Meeting/event/action notices and reminders and urgent action or call-to-action announcements (phone your rep tonight, show up at the capitol, etc.) can be posted or sent to all subscribers

  1. James A. Singmaster, III says:

    I have letter in Enterprise Dec. 29 titled “The sun will be our energy savior”. I hope that you will check it out, and I can send it to you although it needs some added detailing.
    Your concern is misplaced to some extent as you do not, as all other groups do, offer any viable alternative to fossil fuel and N-energy. THE ONLY FOREVER CLEAN ENERGY HAS TO COME FROM USING THE SUN’S POWER. This can be done,, BUT oil, coal and N-power Cos. are going to fight as making money is more important to many than having cleaned environment enabling their children to survive into the next century. If you want, I could give talk to your group with full details
    on getting to the CLEAN ENERGY AGE. James Singmaster, III, Ph.D., UCDavis, 76, Environmental Chemist, Ret., Davis

    • lynnenittler says:

      Hi James,
      I believe I read your letter on Dec. 29. Unfortunately, I’m so new to posting that I don’t know how to read your comment. I only see “I hope that…” and no more words. So I can’t respond since I don’t know what your question is.

      I’ll try to find out how to use the comments section better soon.

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